Our Story

Tickling taste buds, nourishing bodies, and enriching lives since 2016.

Food has always been our passion. Yet as we pursued our careers as seasoned restaurant chefs, we found ourselves sacrificing our own personal relationship with high quality food in the pursuit of sharing it with others. In the face of the stress, hours, and rigor of the restaurant industry, we stopped eating well, tending our gardens, and even cooking for ourselves.

We needed to make a change to start taking care of ourselves again. Yet as we looked around for fresh, quick, convenient, and healthy meals, we found ourselves pretty dissatisfied (and honestly kinda grossed out) by what few options were available. So we made time to cook for ourselves again, sourcing fresh, local ingredients in the process.

As we returned to our healthier, happier selves, other people took notice. One thing led to another, and we found ourselves crafting the types of meals we’d always enjoyed—tasty, simple, and healthy—for a handful of others. Orders grew exponentially, uncovering our deep-seeded passion for empowering others to lead more sustainable, healthy lifestyles through high-quality food. Today, we’re proud to have grown our personal experience into a full-fledged partnership with local farmers, like-minded businesses, enthusiastic diners, and anyone in between.