Food for life.

Delicious chef-driven meals
for healthy people on-the-go

How Vital Kitchen Works

Order for Sunday or Wednesday delivery

We offer a separate menu for each delivery day to give you the most options. Select to have your meals delivered to your doorstep, or choose to pick them up at one of our convenient locations throughout the city.

Made fresh to order every time

We guarantee a super fresh product by only sourcing and preparing for exactly what is ordered – zero waste and always high quality.

Crafted by skilled local chefs

Two accomplished Houston chefs swapped the fine china and white tablecloths for recyclable plates and delivery bags – with a goal to craft food just as good for you as it is delicious.

Responsible Рthoughtful cooking from nutrient dense ingredients

Only the highest quality local ingredients are allowed in our kitchen. All of our meals are designed to give you the proper nourishment for an active life, as well as please the Texas taste buds.

Always 100 % wholesome, gluten free and dairy free.

Let us do the prep – you worry about the important stuff.