Food for life.

Delicious chef-driven meals for healthy people on-the-go

Wholesome – nutrient dense, fully cooked meals ready to heat and eat.

Chef-driven, creative and packed with flavor.

Crafted fresh to order, no pre-stocked shelves or preservatives.

Nutritionist balanced macros, providing the proper fuel for an active life.


We prepare fresh, creative meals to promote good health through great taste, while also building a thriving community of farmers, chefs, gourmands, and anyone else we can bring together around the simple pursuit of convenient, high-quality food.

Our incredible chefs prepare creative, seasonal meals from honest, local ingredients, and deliver them to you twice a week so you can eat well, even when you’re on the move.

Healthy delicious

What good is healthy food if it doesn’t leave you craving for more? Our amazing chefs understand flavor and put that at the forefront of creation, while our nutritionist ensures the macros are balanced to leave you satiated and energized.

All of our meals are completely gluten and dairy free, with complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and beneficial fats.

Fresh & thoughtful

We take pride in providing a meal that is at peak freshness, prepared to order and delivered with care. As a chef owned company, the food must be delicious, creative and great for your body, mind, and soul. To achieve this – we only cook for what has been ordered. We source, prep, package and deliver only once your order is placed. No mass produced stocked warehouse funny business here.

NEVER: processed, canned, frozen, preservatives, shortcuts

ALWAYS: crafty skilled cooking, fresh seasonal ingredients

Conveniently packaged, ready to eat

The struggle is real, we get it. As culinary professionals, we are very accustomed to long hours of work, often forgetting to fuel properly, leaving our diets up to chance and regret. Busy lives demand convenience – thus is why we provide fully cooked, ready to eat meals that you can grab on the go. With Vital Kitchen, you will spend less time stressing about where to get your next healthy meal!

Twice weekly deliveries

Order for Sunday and/or Wednesday delivery.
Pick up your meals at one of our partnering locations, or have your meals delivered straight to your doorstep.

Our next delivery is on:

“day and date”

Key Days & Times To Know
Order Cut-Off Delivery Day
Wednesday at 3 pm Sunday
Sunday at 3 pm Wednesday

Kick up your feet,
let us cook this week.

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