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Vital Kitchen - Meal Packaging

How it works

Our chefs create 2 menus a week.
You order your meals a few days before delivery.
We deliver to your door on Wednesdays and Sundays.

01. Order
How it works - Vital Kitchen

Pick your meals

Select the meals you would like from our rotating menus.

02. Delivered
How it works - Vital Kitchen

Delivered to your door

We prepare your meals fresh with no prior shelf life and deliver them straight to your door.

03. Enjoy
How it works - Vital Kitchen

Heat & eat

Simply follow the heating instructions on each meal and within minutes you're enjoying a delicious healthy meal.

Always in the loop

After your order, we'll send you updates and reminders all the way through delivery. You won't miss a beat.

Text message notifications

If you like, we'll send you text messages when your order is out for delivery.

Reminder emails

We'll send you reminder emails to let you know when to expect your order and when your order has been delivered.

Activity timeline

Stay informed with order activity timelines. You'll be able to see when things happen and where we are in the process.

Order activity

  • Order : order created

  • Payment : Payment successful

  • Receipt : Sent via email

  • Vital Kitchen : Order prep started

  • Delivery : Scheduled for 4:45pm

  • Delivery : Order out for delivery

  • Notification : Delivery complete

  • Order : Complete

The Vital Kitchen Dashboard

Keeping track of your orders and managing your entire account has never been easier. Redeem gift cards, manage your account credits, share your referral code and more. All from the Vital Kitchen Dashboard.

Vital Kitchen Dashboard - Order overview

Find out if we deliver to your area

Delivery questions

How often do you deliver?
We deliver right to your door on Sundays and/or Wednesdays between 4pm - 8pm. The next available delivery day will always be posted on the menu page. You can only order for the delivery date that is posted. For Sunday delivery you can order anytime between Sunday after 3 pm up until Wednesday at 3 pm. For Wednesday delivery you can order anytime between Wednesday after 3 pm up until Sunday at 3 pm.
When will my food arrive?
Your order confirmation will have all the details of your delivery. The day of delivery, notifications will be sent to you with updates on your projected delivery time. When your order is within an hour of delivery you will be able to track your VK meals all the way to your door! All deliveries are made between 4 pm and 8 pm on your delivery day.
Who will be delivering my order?
We staff our own delivery drivers to have the most control of how the deliveries are made.
Do I need to be home to retrieve my delivery?
Nope! Our team carefully packs your meals in an insulated bag with ice packs to maintain a safe temperature for 6 hours. We modify our procedure as the seasons change so no need to worry during the Texas summers!
What if I live in an apartment or condo?
Yes, we deliver to you! Please be sure to leave delivery instructions pertaining to any gate codes or specific access instructions on the notes at checkout. If you have a 24/7 concierge, we can also leave it with them for you to retrieve.
Is there a delivery fee?
$10 per delivery. We charge you exactly what it costs us to pay our delivery drivers plus shipping materials.
What do I do with my insulated bag and ice packs?
We encourage you to return your excess insulated bags and ice packs by putting them out before you expect to get your fresh delivery. We'll simply pick them up and take them back to the kitchen to be cleaned, sanitized and reused!
Part of my order is missing or damaged
We have implemented very strict procedures to eliminate mistakes within our operation but sometimes human error is a variable that we just can't avoid. Simply email us at delivery@vitalkitchen.co and one of our team members will get with you to make sure the issue gets resolved.
My order got delivered to the wrong house.
Call our delivery coordinator directly on delivery days between 3 pm and 8 pm for assistance 832-457-5404, or email us at delivery@vitalkitchen.co.

Placing an order

Is there an order minimum?
Nope! You can order exactly what you need with no minimum requirements.
When is the order deadline for delivery days?
All orders placed by Sunday 3 pm will be delivered the following Wednesday. All orders placed by Wednesday 3 pm will be delivered the following Sunday.
Will you deliver to my area?
If you feel that we should deliver to your area please email us at delivery@vitalkitchen.co.
Can I get meals before the delivery date on the current menu?
No, and here's why: Our business is based around pre-orders so that we can prepare our ingredients and make meals fresh specifically for you which means no prior shelflife upon delivery!
I missed the order deadline
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests if the order deadline was missed. By following these guidelines, it allows us to operate efficiently but also effectively because we are a ZERO food waste company! If you don’t currently receive our order reminders, opt in by texting (844) 334-3320

About our product

Where is the food made?
Our commercial kitchen is located at 12715 Telge Road, Cypress, TX 77429. The health department inspects regularly just like any other restaurant. We're more than happy to show you our perfect 100% score cards upon request. All of our employees are required to have food handlers certification training prior to working in our kitchen. Our kitchen is led by Executive Chefs with decades of experience in the food industry.
Are the meals low sodium?
Our meals do not meet the USDA requirement for a low sodium claim of less than 140 mg per serving. With that said, you will find our meals to be lower in sodium than most restaurant meals and prepared foods on the market. Our opinion on salt is this: salt is an essential mineral that helps your body to function. Sugar and processed foods are to blame for the health crises in America, not salt. If you're diabetic or have health issues and have been told by your doctor to cut back on salt, we would recommend that you educate yourself and read “The mineral fix” and “the salt fix” on Amazon. The more you know!
What makes VK meals healthy?
Lot's of nutrient rich fresh ingredients to start! Our meats are low in cholesterol, antibiotic, hormone and steroid free, sourced from reputable farms. Anything genetically modified or artificial such as food dyes or chemical preservatives is a definite no go for us. We avoid inflammatory ingredients like gluten and processed sugar. The meals are balanced in a way that keeps your body happy for longer. We pay attention to the macros, count the carbs, and figure the fiber, so you can indulge in convenient ready-to-eat meals that you know are healthy.
Do you offer special diet plans such as Keto?
We do not create our meals/ menus to cater to any specific diet plans, except meatless - vegan. We believe wholeheartedly in a sustainable way of eating, one which you can uphold for the long run, and crash diets just don't fall in that category for us. With that said, we offer a wide variety of meals with many different ingredient combinations and macro sets, so feel free to choose what works best for you to help reach your goals.
How do you price your meals?
Our prices are calculated precisely based on a percentage of the cost of ingredients and labor needed to make that meal. Our product is very intensive to prepare considering EVERYTHING is made from scratch. We feel that the value is made apparent in the freshness and quality of our ingredients and the precision of our recipes. Every item in your meal has been weighed by the gram for nutritional precision and flavor consistency.
How often does the menu change?
Our core menu evolves seasonally, and our options change with each deilivery, so you'll always have something new and exciting to try.
Are the ingredients organic?
We do not label ourselves as “certified organic. Why? Because it’s difficult for small local farms to afford the testing required to be “certified organic” when in reality, the way they raise their animals and produce is a thousands times better and truer to the organic definition than the mass-produced factory farms. We are conscientious about where our ingredients come from and guarantee that they’re all natural, hormone, steroid & antibiotic free as well as non GMO.
How long is the shelflife?
Due to the fact that our meals are made to order with no prior shelf life, our meals last in your fridge for 5-6 days depending on the meal. For a Sunday delivery you can expect the meals to stay fresh through Friday, and for Wednesday delivery you can expect them to stay fresh through Monday.
Is it fresh or frozen?
The meals are made fresh and delivered fresh, never frozen.
How do I prepare the meals to eat?
Every meal has been fully cooked and chilled before being packaged and delivered. Heating instructions are stated on each meal label. Generally speaking, a 2 - 4 minute microwave or a 10 - 15 minute bake will get your meal hot and ready to enjoy. The container base is microwave safe and oven safe. The container lid is microwave safe but NOT oven safe.
Can I get meals customized to my needs?
We do not offer customized meals but we are able to make minor modifications. In your cart, you can add a note to each item that you would like any adjustments made. We will do our best to accommodate your allergies or aversions and if we aren't able to fully accommodate your request, we will reach out to you with clarification.
How much food is in each meal?
Each meal is designed to feed 1 person. The weight of each meal size is stated when adding an item to your cart, as well as on the meal label upon arrival. We recommend the following ordering guidelines for a general meal plan.
Average Adult (2,000 calories a day): 3 regular meals plus 2 snacks
Adult Athlete (3,000 calories a day): 3 large meals plus 2 snacks
What are the meal containers made of and how do I dispose of them?
The base is made of a bagasse material, which is produced from plant fiber left behind after juicing sugarcane, sorghum, or agave. Compostable in 2 - 4 months in a commercial compost system, and recyclable anywhere that accepts cardboard, making it one of the most eco-friendly materials on the planet. The containers must be wiped clean of food residue when recycling.

The lid is BPA free polypropylene which is categorized as a #5 recyclable plastic.

My account

I forgot my password
There is a forgot password link located on the sign in page. Input your email address and a reset password email will be sent to you.
Can I cancel or modify my order after I placed it?
If you place an order through the main menu, there is no option to make any changes to that order after it has been placed. After you place your first order you can access the Quick Order system on your account dashboard. Any Quick Orders submitted can be edited or canceled up until the cutoff time for that menu.
Do you offer subscriptions or bulk order discounts?
We do not currently offer a subscription, but we have plans to add this option in the near future. We do not offer any bulk order discounts at this time.
What are Quick Orders
Quick Orders is the fastest way to schedule your next Vital Kitchen delivery. Located conveniently on your account dashboard, you can easily build an order and submit it while skipping the full checkout process. Your order is fully editable up until the menu cutoff time that's stated. Your default payment will process automatically at the cutoff time.