About Vital Kitchen

We believe that good food enriches lives.

As a chef-owned and operated company, we craft balanced, delectable meals that tickle taste buds, nourish bodies, and build communities.

Chicken Ratatouille

Raw Power Slaw

We make everything we serve in a single kitchen here in Houston.

There’s no pre-fab, pre-made, pre-frozen missed opportunities in our house; just real, honest, ingredient-focused goodness.

Nothing beats fresh, local fare.

That’s why we constantly scour our surroundings to source the best seasonal ingredients and support our incredible community of local vendors in the process.

Slow Roasted Pulled Pork

Miso Grilled Salmon

Our chefs prepare and deliver creative, seasonal meals twice a week,

so you can eat well even when you’re on the move.

Our meals are completely hassle-free.

We’ll craft and deliver them either directly to your doorstep in a cooler, or you can pick them up from our network of convenient pick-up locations throughout the city.

Chicken Marsala

Greek Gyro Plate

No prep. No mess. No dishes.

Just heat your meal at your convenience and enjoy! (We only ask that you rinse and recycle your containers.)